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Co-parenting Journal and Planner for Children of Divorce

The exExperts | Co-Parenting Made Easy(ish)... | Ep. 49

Having kids switch back and forth between parents and homes is challenging, no question. And if they're young, you may feel like you're constantly missing out on many important moments. It was this exact challenge that inspired Fiona Kong to create the Home Sweet Homes journal, which is specifically designed for children and co-parents. Hear how this ingenious journal can help make co-parenting much easier!

Co-parenting: Your Thrive Guide Interview with Fiona Kong, founder of the Home Sweet Homes Co-parenting Journal

Co-Parenting; Your Thrive Guide Podcast: Interview with Fiona Kong, Creator of Home Sweet Homes Journal & Planner

An inspiring, engaging and informative podcast for all your co-parenting dilemmas.

"What is so amazing about her newly created journal is that it is child-led and it is something that the co-parents can do individually and with their child.

Fiona is warm, thoughtful and very intuitive.  I loved my interview with her and I hope that you find her as engaging as I do and I hope you will join me in buying her journal."



The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Help your Child Post Divorce or Separation Perspectives in Parenting: 

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Help Your Child After Divorce

Divorce itself isn’t the reason kids suffer.

The real suffering from a divorce stems from parents not being able to continue nurturing their children’s sense of connection, belonging, and significance. The loss of the family unit, and the child’s place in it, is what causes the real distress.

Article written by Janell Bitton, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and Parent/Life Coach

Holiday Gift guide Home Sweet Homes Co-parenting Journal for Children of Divorce Living in Two Homes

The OC Mom Collective 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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