Meet Fiona

Hi! I'm Fiona, founder of the Home Sweet Homes journal and planner for co-parents and child and now the latest All About Me, by Us journal made for any family to use.

I'm a former analyst turned creator and small business owner after finding a lack of resources and tools available to support the emotional wellbeing of young children after a separation or divorce.

As a single mom to a 7 year-old boy, this has been life's greatest privilege and journey - to be raising myself alongside him. I've stumbled, struggled and made mistakes, but through it all have learned, grown and loved deeper than I ever have.

After my son's dad and I separated, I remember experiencing a range of thoughts and emotions. I was stressed, anxious, and worried about my son having to adjust to the constant back and forth between homes. I felt sad to miss out on my son's day to day life. And, I also felt guilty for putting my son through this situation.

And so, I looked for any tools or products that could help those who co-parented but found there weren't a whole lot of solutions that existed - specifically geared toward young children.

Aside from therapy and children's books, there were co-parenting apps. Although they were helpful for adults, it wasn't a solution that directly involved children. I had this nagging feeling that I wanted to figure out a solution, I just had no idea what it was yet...

How the Home Sweet Homes Co-parenting Journal was Born

I consider creating the Home Sweet Homes journal to be a happy accident. In the midst of the pandemic, June 2020, I was at a dollar store and came across a mini planner which cost $2. I actually debated whether or not to buy it! On the days my 3 year-old was with me, I started writing in a summary of our day and asked my son's dad to do the same.

The first time my son came back with his journal filled out, I felt... right. I started involving my son in the process, helping him use the calendar to see his schedule and writing in our daily summary together.

My $2 purchase evolved to become a back-and-forth journal and planner which was so useful for all three of us that I wanted to create and design one specifically to help co-parents and their children facing the same problems we experienced.

In August, I began mocking the design, with one intention in mind; how to best support a child living in two homes. Finally in February 2021, after countless hours of brainstorming, writing, editing, and dreaming I had the first prototype of Home Sweet Homes in my hands.

Fast forward to today, Home Sweet Homes has helped over a thousand families. After several viral TikTok videos, many parents asked that I create a version any family can use and in 2023 I released the All About Me, by Us journal. I'm excited and honored to have created a tool that can I believe with my heart that has the capacity to change any parent-child relationship for life. 

The Home Sweet Homes Mission

My mission through Home Sweet Homes is to help children and their parents have the most loving and connected relationship via journaling. 

Thank you for inviting my journals into your homes. 

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