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  • The world's first and only journal & planner for co-parents & child

Connected Co-parenting

The world's first and only journal & planner for co-parents & child Shop Now


Reimagining co-parenting with a journal and planner made for children of divorce or separation.

Introducing, the Home Sweet Homes Journal for Co-parents

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10 Reasons You'll Love Home Sweet Homes

How will Home Sweet Homes help you, your co-parent, and your child? Check out our infographic with the top 10 benefits of this one-of-a-kind tool.

Benefits of Home Sweet Homes

Giving Back to the Community

An initiative to provide children of divorce/separation whose parents are experiencing financial hardship a FREE copy of Home Sweet Homes.

Pay it forward program

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Wondering how to use it? Whether it's appropriate for your family? How about if there is a money back guarantee? All your questions answered right here.

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I love the planner/journal because it is child based and allows the child to be part of the planning and journaling process. I also love the monthly affirmations which are so important for teaching our children abut positive self-talk.

Deborah Lenee, Co-parent and host of Co-parenting; Your Thrive Guide Podcast

This is incredible! Coming from a divorced family, this would have helped so much!!!! What a great idea!

Christi Walker, Founder of the Happy Heart Haven Animal Sanctuary

I think this is perfect. It's easy for the kids to understand and for the parents to manage as well. Your product will be so helpful for my co-parent and I.

Laila Zafar, Co-parent, Lawyer, and Founder of 'The Village'; a support group for single parents

I know the feeling well of shuffling my kids back and forth to their Dad's. Your journal resonated with me and deserves to be shouted from the rooftops!

Sally, Co-parent and owner of Mama-te-a

It's super empowering for kids, which I absolutely love, among other wonderful benefits (keeping the focus on the child's well-being, even when things between the parents aren't great.)

Shannon McGuire

Wonderful idea and much needed. Divorce is highly traumatic and to have a book like this for guidance is amazing!

Lily Hendson

As a child of divorced parents, I can say that this product is definitely needed. I'm glad you've been able to turn an otherwise stressful and hard event into something positive.

Michael S.