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Home Sweet Homes is a journal and planner, combined in one, that stays with your child as they navigate between his/her two homes. It provides a safe space where you, your co-parent, and child can capture and share daily highlights, thoughts, and feelings as well as track events and schedules.

For an overview of how to use the Home Sweet Homes journal and planer, please check out our video.

5 things to keep in mind when using Home Sweet Homes

  1. There is no right or wrong way to use it. You may view it as an open-ended planner, journal and diary combined into one. However i
  2. A child will reap the most benefit when both parents participate and are involved in the process. So, fill it out, review it, and discuss it with your child.
  3. Don't get along with your co-parent? That's okay! This tool provides an unobtrusive way to stay in the know, while supporting your child. The beauty of Home Sweet Homes is that doesn't necessarily require any more communication with your co-parent than before. 
  4. Your child may require more assistance based on his/her age and writing skills. Meet your child's abilities while allowing room for independence.
  5. You are making a difference in your child's life. Not only are you supporting your child's well-being in the present but preserving special memories for the future.

As co-parents, we can't physically be with our child everyday, but taking part in this journal will help you feel closer and more connected. The Home Sweet Homes journal provides a pathway to hear about the big and little, hilarious and upsetting, challenging and victorious moments your child experiences when with their co-parent. 

Still have questions? Please take a look at our FAQ page. And of course, feel free to contact us at any time. 


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