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Well hello there! 

I can't tell you how exciting yet surreal it is to be launching my small business, the Home Sweet Homes Journal & Planner for co-parents and child. 

What started off in June 2020 as a personal desire to help my son adjust to the back and forth between homes, has led me on this unexpected yet welcome path in life. Creating Home Sweet Homes has filled me with so much purpose and hope that this tool will change the lives of children and parents around the globe who also are also struggling with the challenges of staying connected post separation/divorce.

Home Sweet Homes co-parenting journal and planner

My co-parent and I recently finished filling out the journal and planner that started it all. It was a $2 planner I purchased from the dollar store back in June 2020. It’s filled with a year’s worth of sweet and tender memories of my son’s life in both his homes. It is and will be one of the most special and treasured keepsakes from my son’s childhood and a reminder to myself that if you can dream it… you can do it. 

After a year of countless late nights, weekends, and tears, Home Sweet Homes is now an actual, tangible tool which I am so honored to share with you and your child’s two homes. I look forward to bringing connection, comfort, and joy to you and your family.

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